Tools for the Ultimate Lazy Day

Whether it’s your actual day-off or like me, you’ve just pulled yet another sickie from work (“ehh yeah can’t come in – I’ve stubbed my toe quite badly I’m afraid”). The success of a lazy day can make or break your week. So here is a list of the key tools needed for such an important date on the calendar.

Adulting For Dummies Top Tip; Key Lazy Day Accessories 

Bed/Sofa – if like me you have housemates that no longer gaze at you in amazement at your sheer slobbery and laziness the sofa can be a nice change of scenery 

Duvet – a big duvet is crucial, like the oxygen that fuels the much needed laziness. If you’re committed like me invest in a slanket. Possibly the best invention of this century – a blanket WITH SLEEVES 🙌🏼

Netflix – because we need to watch documentaries on Russian brides who scam old men. And if things get too deep there is always the Rugrats.

Noms – Food. Food. Food. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you have eaten too much chocolate ice cream, you don’t need those people in your life. 

Now that you’ve or the gist- go forth and be successful adults my friends 💤💤💤  



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